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VPN Apps: What’s The Go-To Option For Android Phone?


It has become apparent in recent years, that protecting your internet connection is vital. Most users are aware of it and take steps to do so while they are at home or using a laptop to access the web. What few people realize is that the primary use of the internet happens through the phone. If that is the case, then doesn’t it make sense to protect the connection while accessing it via an android phone?

Thankfully, the market has a plethora of options, and finding the best VPN app for Android is not hard. To find out more about why use an Android VPN and two of the latest choices in apps, read on.

• The Why?

Before diving into VPN recommendations, let’s discover the need to implement a VPN on Android phones. When you send any information on the internet, be it through a laptop or a cellphone, it should be safe. VPN is the technology that allows for the traffic to be protected. When you install a VPN app on your android, here is how you safeguard it:
o It hides your IP, which makes your connection private and keeps you anonymous to the world.
o VPN aids in bypassing restrictions set to location. This comes in handy if streaming sites, like Hulu and Netflix, or their content is limited in your geographical area.
o It keeps you safe from online spying again by keeping your anonymity.
o It maintains the security of all personal data.
Just like it is recommended to protect your data through VPN to avoid surveillance from the ISP, it is advised to safeguard information from the mobile data provider.

• The How?

While there are many VPN options for Android. The top two choices are NordVPN and ExpressVPN. The first is the best choice because it has the most VPN servers with different IP addresses. NordVPN app gets the highest reviews with a 4.3 ranking on the Google App Store. The second is another excellent option because it offers the fasters connection speed and security.

In a 100Mbps connection, using the ExpressVPN app gives an 83Mbps download speed. That is the fastest compared to many other apps. Though the final internet speed can alter based on the phone being used and the connection, with ExpressVPN, a user will always get the fastest speed possible. The cherry on the cake is that ExpressVPN works even with old versions of Android.

People mistakenly believe that there is no reason to hide any internet traffic, but mobiles are filled with photos, texts, and emails that need to be protected. The only way to stop someone from spying on them is to use a VPN app. Plus, if you don’t have something to hide, privacy should always be maintained. There are other reasons to utilize VPN and other Android Apps one can install, but these were the most common motives and most popular apps right now!